Supporting youth, families, educators, and communities who are committed to the prevention of alcohol and drug use. Working together, we can reduce substance misuse in Strafford County.

UPDATED: Treatment Resource Guide For Strafford County and State of NH

A resource guide for adults and adolescents was created to show the available resources for alcohol and drug treatment in Strafford County and rest of NH. The guide now includes mutual aid groups and supports for families, along with new treatment options and changes for accuracy of information. To download and print the guide, please click here.  To order the guide or request edits please contact Dean LeMire at

Somersworth Prevention Coalition seeks full-time Coordinator

Attention community organizers, movers and shakers!

The Somersworth Prevention Coalition is looking for a full-time Coordinator to develop initiatives that promote positive, healthy, safe and drug-free lifestyles for youth and families. Read here about the organization and the grant the made it possible.

Job description    Apply here

Naloxone Kits Available and Prescriptions through Standing Orders in Strafford County

A day does not go by where we do not hear of another heartbreaking story related to opioid addiction and overdoses.  You can become part of a harm reduction strategy (reduce number of deaths), by ensuring that you and loved one's suffering from opioid addiction have access to the life-saving drug naloxone.  If you need naloxone, please visit any one of these pharmacies and request a prescription.  If you are uninsured, please visit Goodwin Community Health to get patient education and a naloxone kit.