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Together, preventing substance abuse one child at a time.

In 2007, the United Way of the Greater Seacoast, along with the cooperative efforts of individuals, educators, and substance abuse experts, helped create the ONE Voice Coalition. In 2010 we moved to Goodwin Community Health, where we partner together to promote health and wellness. Our common purpose is to help prevent underage drinking and substance abuse through education, community mobilization and support of both teenagers and parents.

However, we strive to support the local communities as well—and that's an important distinction. We believe that substance abuse is not an individual issue, but rather a community issue with multiple contributing factors that impact both the individual and the community.

Today, we are proud to say that our regional coalition is engaged in 17 partnerships that focus on enforcement, youth empowerment, prevention training, family outreach and community development.

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Annual Report released

ONE Voice for Strafford County is releasing a two year report that highlights achievements and areas to continue to work on.

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